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LTL, FTL & 3PL: TST Overland Express

As Canada's leading provider of time sensitive less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services, TST Overland Express depends on accurate, real-time information for both its dispatch and its customer service activities. A collaborative design process with the Nuway team resulted in an engaging Pickup and Delivery (P&D) application available on four different devices that not only offers real-time and highly accurate data for dispatch and customer service to better serve customers.

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Through industry standard best practices we provide superior, scalable mobile software solutions delivered on time and on budget.

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  • TST Overland Express captures Bill of Lading and customs documents using the camera function. - 17.March20
    Waiting on paperwork hampers mobile efficiency. As great as the TST Overland Express Android application is, the reality is that Bill of Lading (BOL) and customs docs impact invoicing. Enter Nuway. Using the standard camera function, Nuway will develop an easy to use function to capture, save and send BOL and customs documents live from the field.
  • Wesbell extends Nuways' mobile delivery system to Porsche Parts Distribution Centre - 31.October19
    After successfully scanning, tracking, delivering and reporting of hundreds of thousands of automotive parts for numerous brands, Wesbell Logistics extends Nuways' mobile delivery system to manage nightly parts delivery for Porsche Parts Distribution Centre in Mississauga, ON.
  • Wesbell adds mobile dock side printing. - 29.January19
    When it comes to warehouse management and logistics, every second counts. So when Wesbell Logistics asked us if we could develop a label printing solution to keep up with dock workers, we jumped at the opportunity. With our print engine and the hardware experts at OCR Canada, we put together a solution that can print custom labels in two tenths of a second. When the dock worker taps complete on their mobile screen we receive the data, record it and print the associated label in the blink of an eye.
  • TST Overland Express does it again with Nuway- 6.December18
    After using the Nuway designed and developed Windows Mobile Driver app for the past 8 years, TForce Holdings Inc. has again hired Nuway Software to design and develop the next generation Android Mobile Driver app. All the same features and then some, build on a robust and scalable Nulogic Framework and developed for the unique process and procedures of their fleet companies. Great mobility coming Spring 2019!
  • HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY NUWAY! - 31.October18
    That's right, today we turn 15! What a journey the last 15 years have been. In that time we have come to work with some great clients, employees, vendors and partners. Together we have done some fantastic work and helped our clients to become more productive, visible in the field and provide their workforce with the mobile tools they need to get the job done. Thank you to all of you whom have helped us to get to this milestone and for the fun we have had along the way.
  • Wesbell Logistics joins the Nuway - 10.October17
    With a growing business and ever changing client requirements, Wesbell seeks mobile automation to deliver, track and report on their exceptional service. Working from the Nulogic Framework, Nuway will build the custom enterprise Android app including such features as Geo-fence arrival and departure captures, date and time scan captures, multiple routes, signature capture, MTO Circle check, digital driver logs and much more. All these great features will help to meet the growing needs of Wesbell's business.
  • Purolator delivers with Android - 11.January16
    After the great success of the STAR mobile application, designed and developed by Nuway and launched in 2010, Purolator has selected Nuway to build STAR for Android. The Android application will leverage a new rugged device and will be optimized to provide further workforce automation efficiencies, allowing the Purolator mobile workforce to deliver performance excellence.
  • Canpar and Loomis offer payment at the door- 29.July15
    Nuway enhances the Canpar and Loomis Express enterprise mobile application with the ability to process Visa and Mastercard payments at your door. Shipping has never been easier!
  • Purolator integrates Smart Sort into STAR - 10.Feb15
    In an effort to optimize its processes, Purolator has returned to Nuway for the enhancement of the STAR mobile application. To take advantage of the capabilities of their Smart Sort system, two key features will be added to the mobile application; Load Deviation and Electronic Courier Manifest.
  • Load Deviation will allow the preloader or driver to record exceptions to Smart Sort suggestions. The Electronic Courier Manifest will allow the courier stop lists to be displayed on the handheld device thus eliminating the paper manifest used by the couriers today.
  • Loomis Express sorts with Nuway - 19.Dec14
    Loomis Express, a TransForce Company, has selected Nuway to design and build the next generation warehouse application. The new application will support multiple companies within the TransForce courier group. The application will be designed to be easily extendable as new companies come on-line and supports multiple barcode types and future formats. The core application will provide the ability to rapidly scan and categorize parcels (record exceptions, receive inbound, ship outbound etc.), near real time updates to back end system for parcel visibility, store and forward messaging capabilities for an occasionally disconnected environment, and chain of Signature (photos and signature) capabilities provided on the device for specific parcels.
  • Neptune TG water meter's flow the Nuway - 9.Oct14
    As Canada's largest water meter fitment company, Neptune Technology Group (Canada) Ltd. needs to use technology to gain efficiencies and to add visibility into their workflow. Neptune TG has selected Nuway to build the next generation mobile workflow solution to run their field services. The end solution will include business process management (BPM) for field workers to enter data as they retrofit and install meters, as well as, a workflow manager to create, edit and manage workflows for each municipal contract awarded.
  • Walters Group adds visibility to their workflow - 19.Sept14
    Nuway has been engaged by Walters Group Inc. to design and develop a mobile workflow solution. The final solution will offer visibility into a complex workflow that is synonymous with project success. The solution will be written for iOS 7+ and will run on the Apto Linea Pro Pistol Grip Bundle provided by Infinite Peripherals.
  • 2D Barcodes speed up Purolator deliveries - 2.Sept14
    Purolator Inc. returns to Nuway for the design and development of a 2D barcode enhancement. The revision will include support for the scanning of 2D (that’s PDFD417) barcodes. These barcodes contain, among other things, receiver address information, which will greatly speed up the delivery process as users no longer have to type in or search for the address they are delivering to. Just another way Nuway is helping our clients get the most out of mobility.
  • Nuway White Paper - The Keys to Software Projects - 17.Feb14
    Software projects are renowned for delivering late, over budget, and sometimes even not at all. Even successful projects produce software that is hard to use and poorly matched to user's needs with distressing frequency. As software influences more and more of life, the Holy Grail of effective and efficient software projects becomes increasingly important. Click here to read the full text.
  • Nuway builds an Android Enterprise Mobile Crew and Customer Management System for Garden Grove. - 21.Oct13
    With a blooming growth strategy Garden Grove Property Management has partnered with Nuway to design and develop a web-based ERP system and Android-based mobile field services application to better manage crew's, equipment and service delivery. Visibility, traceability and real-time reporting will allow Garden Grove to better manage their growing firm.
  • Nuway White Paper - BYOD: Getting it Right. - 17.July13
    Rich rewards are promised to companies that allow employees to use their personal mobile devices for work. As a result, our customers often ask us about BYOD. And it's not just us: a recent survey showed that 60% of organizations are considering adopting a BYOD program. We encourage companies that are exploring BYOD to consider three key points. Click here to read the full text.

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