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Careers at Nuway

Nuway Software is not a place to just work - it is a place to foster one's career with a positive impact on other like-minded people. We don't have any clock punchers.

Wealth of experience

At Nuway Software we are interested in the best and brightest. As a custom mobile software provider we work intimately with our clients to design solutions that meet their specific needs. In order to provide valuable advice on what and how to automate, the person must draw from a wealth of experience. Being a person with many years in the field, it is possible to give immediate feedback on client's ideas. This helps set proper client expectations, ensures we don't over-promise and under-deliver, and helps expedite the inception phase of the project.

Teamwork not just a bullet

Nuway Software is a collection of passionate and skilled individuals working together to deliver industry leading mobile solutions. We succeed and fail as a team without glorifying or condemning any one person. Team members pull their weight. They are self-starters and continually look for ways to better the company and themselves. Skills are great and help to complete tasks, however, character, fit and collaboration are what drive this company. Work well with your team and you will thrive. Think you can do it alone without the help of others; this probably isn't the company for you.

Requirements for any position

  • Fantastic personality with proven communication skills.  You will interact closely with our clients.
  • Must believe in the principles and corporate values of Nuway Software.  If you are looking for just another job, look elsewhere.
  • Strive to keep your skills up to date by continually learning.
  • Humility to accept constructive criticism from peers on your ideas and designs.

Currently recruiting

Intermediate/Senior Mobile Software Developer/Architect - Android

Preferred individual will have the following skills & experience:

  • Experience in architecture and developing distributed client/server applications for enterprise.
  • Thorough knowledge of Android OS and development platform
  • Knowledge of data-exchange protocols (TCP/IP, SOAP, WCF, JSON, REST).
  • Thorough understanding of enterprise database systems (MS SQL in particular).
  • Previous experience developing mobile applications on any platform an asset.

What if there was a new way
  • Software could be consistently delivered on time
  • Software always meets the user's needs
  • Software could be easily changed and extended, at any time
  • Software could be built faster
  • We could look at the mistakes of the last decade and take a different path to avoid them
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If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.

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