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The Nuway

Part 1: The "Old" Way

Nuway's founders have worked in all aspects of software development:

  • Contractors for professional services companies
  • In-house development team
  • Independent consultants evaluating vendors & professional service companies

We've seen it all, and haven't liked what we've seen. There is something fundamentally wrong with the current way software is being built:

Professional services

In this environment software is written as quickly as possible. Very often shortcuts with short-term gain and long-term pain and are taken. This creates a messy, difficult code base on which the solution will rely. Since customers typically never look under the hood to see the code, they have no idea how poorly things are running.

Later, when business needs change, the software changes are extremely expensive to implement in lieu of the amount of code that must be rewritten. The suggested solution? A complete rewrite. So who benefits from this short sightedness?

In-house development

Here, developers typically skip doing proper design and documentation before coding since there are no sign off points. This makes it virtually impossible to estimate the amount of work and stick to a schedule. This leads to cryptic solutions that only the original author understands. In developer circles this is often seen as job security: "I can't be laid off if no one else can change my code."

With the development team resources always available onsite, there is less of an emphasis on developing Zero Administration systems. This approach leads to having valuable resources maintaining solutions rather than working on new projects.

In both cases

Every team of developers seems to have their own way of doing things, namely their "development methodology". Even not having a structured development methodology is, itself, a methodology. Some of these development methodologies are based on a pick & choose approach of standard practices. Others are just "we've always done it this way". The lack of an established and consistent development methodology causes projects to be unsuccessful (late, over budget, flawed) yet customers are rarely in a position to understand why.

Clearly the industry needs a change. Customers demand one.

The solution is The Nuway...


What if there was a new way
  • Software could be consistently delivered on time
  • Software always meets the user's needs
  • Software could be easily changed and extended, at any time
  • Software could be built faster
  • We could look at the mistakes of the last decade and take a different path to avoid them
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We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein